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Discover How to do a 90-Day Beginner Workout Routine to Burn Fat and Get Started on Building A New You

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Reasons You Don't Exercise

30-Minute At Home Workout Routines for Beginners

The 30-Minute Beginner Workout Routine Includes:

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7 minute abs

BONUS - What Makes This Program Different

30 minute beginner workout routine
30-Minute at home beginner workout routine
30 minute workout results
You're No Longer Going to Fail at Losing Weight
The problem with starting workout routines to lose weight is that you don't know where to begin!

Put on some workout clothes, and click play on the video below to do a beginner workout routine
along with me to see that you CAN start exercising and losing weight TODAY.
First, a little bit about myself. My name is Mike Navin and I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning
Specialist (CSCS), and I've spent the last decade researching and testing (on myself as well as
clients) what the best workout routines are for fat loss, muscle gain, and anything else that my clients

When it comes to the workouts, I've tested the slow steady state cardio, I've tried workouts where you
work chest and triceps one day, back and biceps another etc., which take an hour a day, 4 days a

When it comes to nutrition, I've worked through the low-fat and low-carb diets as well as calculating
each and every calorie that I consume at any moment.

But after a decade of putting myself through all of that, I realized one thing: This doesn't have to be
complicated and it doesn't have to consume your life!

What I've found is that especially for beginners, short, quick, 30-minute intense workouts that involve
only the use of your bodyweight, along with simple changes to your diet are the most effective ways
to burn fat.

And There's Science to Back This Up

A 2010 study conducted by researchers at the University of Padua in Italy found that when comparing
groups of subjects that were doing low intensity exercise (such as a slow jog, step aerobics, etc.) to
those that were doing more high intensity exercise (sprinting, bodyweight exercises such as squats
and pushups), the subjects in the high intensity group saw more reduction in body weight and body
fat (as a percentage of body weight).

Why are high intensity routines more effective for fat loss than low intensity exercise? It's because
when you're going at a higher intensity during sprints, squats, and pushups, your body is going to
take longer to recover than if you were doing low intensity exercise such as step aerobics, thus,
burning more calories for a longer period of time AFTER the workout.

Think of it this way: When you are doing low intensity exercise, your body probably only needs a
couple of hours after the workout in order to continue burning a higher level of calories to recover
than what it was burning before the routine.

But when you do higher intensity exercise, you could be burning more calories for 24-36 hours after
the workout for recovery than you were burning before the workout routine.

You can use a number of different routines for high intensity exercise too. You can run, use a bike,
climb stairs, you can even use bodyweight exercises (these are what I call "Metavals" and are the
basis for the total body workout routines that I develop).

The best part is that you can follow high intensity exercise and get it done in half the time as a low
intensity session and get BETTER fat loss results from it.

This is where I come in and can help you.
1) Are the workouts boring?

2) Do you lose motivation quickly because you don't see the results quick enough?

3) You have a hard time deciding what exercises to do and then you don't quite know whether you
are doing the exercises correctly?

4) Or maybe you think you just don't have time to get in an effective workout routine?

5) Maybe you can't afford a gym membership and even if you could, you're self conscious about
working out in front of other people?

If you answered yes, to the majority of those questions, then keep reading because I can help you
get started on some effective workout routines that will be fun, not take you very long to do, and
will get you the
fat loss results that you're looking for.
My 30-Minute Beginner Workout Routine revolves entirely around using your bodyweight. As you saw
in the video, this is a full body workout routine where you'll do things like jumps, squats, various types
of pushups, and some core work like planks. All these exercises use the biggest muscles in your
body to burn the most calories during and after the workout.

These are basic, beginner movements. This beginner workout routine is designed so that someone
who has never worked out in their life (or has not worked out in a number of years) can create a
foundation and work their way up to a more intermediate and advanced movements as they
progress in gaining strength, and losing fat.

Another great part is that these are at home workout routines. No need for a gym membership and
feeling uncomfortable working out in front of other people. The only exercise equipment that you
might need from time to time is a stability ball.

This is a beginner workout routine that gives you a plan. It spells out exactly what you need to do,
what days to do them, and gives you written descriptions and pictures of the exercises so that
you know how to do them. What's even better is that you'll have exercise videos of each of the
exercises to watch to make sure that you're doing the exercise correctly.

Also, these workouts change every month. So you won't get bored doing the same thing for
months on end.
So here's the breakdown of what you are going to get with this 90-day Beginner Workout Routine:
90 Days of Beginner at Home Workouts: 3 Months of a
30-Minute at Home Beginner Workout Routine that include the May
2010, August 2010, and the November 2010 beginner workouts in a
pdf e-book format telling you exactly what to do, and giving you
written descriptions and pictures of all the exercises in the workouts.
These workouts will only take you 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week
and the only exercise equipment that you'll need is a stability ball.
BONUS Lean Body Training Fat Loss Nutritional
In order to lose the weight you want to lose and get that
lean look like you've always wanted, you have to change your eating
habits. With the Lean Body Training Fat Loss Nutritional Guide, you'll
be told what foods you can eat, and what foods you can't eat, and
what to do when you see yourself hitting that fat loss plateau and the
best methods to get past it.
You're probably asking yourself "Okay, it sounds like a decent program. But, how is this any different
than a book or a DVD that I can buy at the store or from a class at a local fitness studio?"

You're right, when looking at it that way, there may not be that much difference between the
30-Minute Beginner Workout Routine and those other options.

But when you buy that book or DVD, or are done with a session of that fitness class you took, that's it.

Do you get to contact the person that wrote the book or was in the DVD with questions? Does the
person that puts on the fitness class follow-up with you as to how you are doing and if you have any
questions on other health and fitness issues, how you are progressing, etc.?

True motivation to lose weight is something that has to start from within your own personal drive to
want it. But, having someone there to hold you accountable, to follow up with you, and to answer
any question you may have can be the difference in you continuing on with a program or giving up.

That is what makes the 30-Minute Beginner Workout Routine different.

During the course of the next 90 days when you take on this program, I am going to be doing A LOT
of follow up with you to keep you motivated.

I'll be sending you e-mails to make sure that you are staying on track, checking to see if you have any
questions, answering YOUR specific questions, giving you bits of advice to make sure that you stay
focused and don't fall off like you may have done so many times in the past. This time it's different.
This time you are going to continue on, go through some frustrating patches, but STILL move
forward towards your fat loss goals.

Reaching your fat loss goals are personal to you, but they are also personal to me, and I am
DETERMINED to make sure that you stay on the path of reaching those goals.
Exercise Video Demonstrations: You'll have the pictures
and exercise descriptions in the e-books. But sometimes you still
might be confused about the proper form. Problem solved. You'll be
able to download a
video demonstration of every exercise in the
30-Minute Beginner Workout Routine e-books that you can view on
your computer for quick reference when in the middle of the workout.
For your own security, the order form will look like the page below:
BONUS Lean Body Training 7-Minute Abs: Let's not
kid ourselves: It's about the abs. We all want to be walking on that
beach showing off those 6-pack abs. This workout e-book will help
get you there. It includes a dozen ab workouts that will get your
midsection SCREAMING in just 7-minutes. Add one of these on your
off days and watch those abdominals start to peak through.
Mike Navin, CSCS

If you have any further questions on the 30-Minute Workout, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at:
That's 3 months of a beginner workout routine, video demonstrations of the exercises in the workouts,
a BONUS Fat Loss Nutritional Guide, AND a BONUS e-book that takes you through incredible ab
exercises in just 7 minutes!

All of these workouts will be an e-book in the Adobe Acrobat file format that can be viewed on both a
PC and a Mac. These workouts are available for
INSTANT DOWNLOAD after you have completed
your order. No physical product will be shipped to you.

What you would pay if you were to take 30 minute sessions of one-on-one personal training with me
with a personalized workout schedule for 3 months:
OVER $900

A One Time Payment of only $19.95
So go ahead and click on the link to order the 30-Minute Beginner Workout Routine TODAY that you
NEED in order to start you on the path of having The 30-Minute Workout provide YOU with the
necessary and CONSISTENT tools for YOU to get the body that you want.

P.S. If you're tired of spending hours in the gym just wandering around from machine to machine and
getting absolutely NO results, then this program is EXACTLY what you need to not only get QUICK
results but also save you a TON of money as well as a SUBSTANTIAL amount of time than your
current normal routine.
Take a read at what some clients have to say about The 30-Minute Workout:
P.P.S. I'm so confident in this program that if you look through the workouts and decide
that they aren't for you or that they don't work, I will give you a FULL refund of your money
within 60 days of your purchase. That's right. If you are not satisfied within the first 8
weeks that this program can work for you, I'll give you a
full 100% refund of your purchase
for your troubles. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose by trying out this program.
I have to admit I was a tad bit skeptical about the 30-Minute Workout, at first. I found it hard to
believe that such an effective workout could be achieved in 30 minutes or less. I have achieved
fantastic results since I began the 30-Minute Workout routines, such as, weight loss, increased
muscle tone, improved strength, and an in increase in stamina. I was very happily surprised by
the results, especially with how
fast the results were achieved. I would recommend the
30-Minute Workout to anyone who has an interest in his or her health and well-being.

- Cheri Valuet, Canton, Michigan
P.P.P.S. The 30-Minute Beginner Workout Routine is a downloadable e-book product. No product
will be shipped to you. Once you order, you will gain
INSTANT ACCESS to download it and start
working out within MINUTES. The format of the e-book is Adobe PDF and is viewable on both a
Mac or a PC.
"Cheri Saw FAST Results with The 30-Minute Workout"
This is a great beginner workout routine for both men and women and when you think about it, it's 90
days long. That's it. If you give this program a serious run for 90 days, you'll see the kinds of fat loss
results that you'll get, and you'll be hooked into making exercise a part of the rest of your life.
I was very skeptical about the 30 minute
workout because I didn't think it was
going to be enough for me. I'm used to
my daily workouts being anywhere from
1-1 1/2 hours. I've had excellent results
using the 30 minute workout especially
in my legs, thighs and behind!! :) I was
very surprised by how good of a workout
just 30 minutes can produce!! It's nice
that the workouts change everytime as
well...keeps my muscles working even
more! I would recommend this workout
to those women who want a quality
workout in a condensed time!! I no
longer can use the excuse "I don't have
time", nor do I want to anymore.

- Andrea Degroat, Brownstown,
"I was very skeptical about the class! I have always been overweight and didn't think I could keep
up with the exercises, especially because my friend who recommended it is in extremely good
shape. I kept thinking, ha, yeah right, there's no way I could do this class if she does it and says
it challenges her. Plus I didn't want to go to a class full of "skinny" people and be the only one
who still had some weight to lose. However, I had nothing to worry about. The class is wonderful
because it is geared for all fitness levels. Mike is there to make sure you are doing the
exercises correctly and to push you somewhat but not to be overbearing and make you feel as
if you are being bossed around. I lost ten pounds in the first 6 weeks. My muscles are gaining
some definition and feeling tight and it is an absolute wonderful feeling. I am also becoming
stronger, when I started the class I couldn't do a pushup at all and six weeks later I am making
great progress and doing pushups on my knees. I truly look forward to coming to the class
because I work hard and can truly feel my body changing. I feel like I can accomplish anything.
Mike is an excellent instructor, not only does he take the time during class to guide you through
the workout, he answers all your questions to help you outside of class as well. I feel like he
really is interested in helping me make the best decisions in regard to my workouts as well as
my weight loss plan. He gives you the right tools so you can see your hard work pay off with
great results. I am serious when I say, if I can do this and enjoy it this much, then I know
everyone else can to!"

- Cindy, Allen Park Michigan, 40
"Andrea Saves TIME with The 30-Minute Workout"
On the Bootcamp Class that the 30-Minute Workout is based on:
Think about some of the reasons that you don't exercise and answer these questions:
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What People are Saying About My Workout Systems:
"It seems I have struggled with my weight daily. No matter what the number on the scale or the
size of my pants, I never seem satisfied. On one hand, I think this is a good quality since I’m
always striving for a better, healthier me.

On the other hand, never being satisfied with me can cause issues as well. I get angry with
myself for eating something I shouldn’t have. So, rather than worry about numbers, I want to
concentrate on how I feel. We all fall off the wagon from time to time, but getting back on is what

Slowly, but surely. I have found my inner competition in me again, by challenging myself to work
harder during class and trying to outdo my personal best. I have conviction behind my voice
when I clarify this is my new lifestyle, and not just a diet plan. I have not wanted to skip any

Being in the contest made me even more aware of the food and drink I chose to consume. I did
choose not to consume as much alcohol, having one beer or glass of wine instead of having two
or three when out with friends. Portions and calories did and do matter with food.

After 12 weeks, I am seeing a greater difference in my physique that I had expected. My clothes
have been fitting more loosely. I have bought clothes in smaller sizes. I’ve also noticed an
improvement in my muscle tone. I can see definition in muscles that I haven’t seen in a long

Even as this contest comes to an end, I am still striving for a personal best. Changes have been
made to work on my eating habits and workouts. I was able to make some great habits in
regards to what I’m eating and portions. I am excited to keep this journey going and keep
progressing! I am 44 years young!"

- Chris, Allen Park, Michigan, 44
"I was very upset with the way I looked at the beginning of the 12 week transformation class. I
put on my shorts (that I wore last year) and realized just how tight they were. Not only could I not
sit in them comfortably, I had a “muffin top”. I couldn’t wait for my daughter to take my “before”
picture so I could take those tight clothes off! I was DETERMINED to lose this and began to look
at the contest as a huge motivator. Winning the contest was not important to me, fitting into my
clothes from last summer was! The day I put on those clothes and was forced to look at myself
in a picture I knew that something had to change.

When starting the 12 week transformation contest, I decided to take measurements of all of me
(instead of just my waist). I know that I tend to lose weight from my face down and my thighs (the
hardest to thin) are the last to go. My only regret is that I did not measure my “behind” because I
know that I lost quite a bit of that as my jeans fit me completely different in that area now.

The transformation contest started at the same time as Lent so the diet part was pretty easy for
me as I gave up flour and sugar at this time. My basic diet consisted of oatmeal, yogurt, cottage
cheese, cheese, tuna fish, chicken and pork rice and a daily latte made with Splenda and soy

The first few weeks I did not have a weight loss. Losing weight is difficult for me so I was
focusing more on strengthening my body and feeling “healthy”. Around the 3rd week I lost a
couple pounds and that kept me motivated to continue on.

After Lent was over I had a two day relapse and ate a bagel and some pasta. I felt horrible
(physically). It is amazing how much better the body feels when eating without the flour and
sugar. I didn’t gain any weight this week, but I felt physically tired and drained. I didn’t follow an
exact program after this, I ate normal (limiting carbs) and drank a lot of water. I decided to not
weigh myself every week, because I began to get discouraged and didn’t want to sabotage my

Watching the other ladies in the class (but only knowing one other person in the Contest) gave
me motivation as well. It is amazing to see how much stronger people become after attending the
class on a weekly basis. I found myself trying to do the more advanced moves and I could actually
do them! Every day I left the class I felt stronger, thinner and as odd as it sounds, taller. I began to
have more confidence in myself. I was so proud when I began to do the more advanced moves
and for all of my efforts in and out of the class. Through all of my years of different exercising, I
have never found a class that works different muscles and makes me feel like this one.

I went into this contest not as a contest, but as a goal for myself. I have an obsessive personality
and I usually jump into whatever I do full force without thought. I wanted to do “my personal best”
for 12 weeks. Knowing the time table and that I had a friend doing it as well made it a goal for
me to follow it through to the end. I didn’t want to end the contest saying “I could have done

Although I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to lose, and I have more to go, the way I feel right now
is amazing. I didn’t expect to lose as many inches as I did. I had the expectation that because I
had been working out for a year (longer than that in the gym) that the weight would just melt off
me. I have more confidence and I feel stronger as a result of this 12 week commitment. My
shorts fit me, I don’t have that “muffin top”! My “before” tank top was too big and so I had to wear
another one in my after picture. Other people have commented on my weight loss (which really
is more muscle building than loss I feel) and that makes me feel good. I didn’t want to lose
weight in my face or my chest (which I did both) but that’s okay because I knew on May 29th
when the contest ended I truly did my personal best.

I am not done with my transformation by any means. I want to continue and strengthen. I want
to do full body push ups and hold the plank for the entire time. I will take a week off, re-group
and begin another 12 weeks on my own while attending Mike’s classes and continuing to get
stronger and stay healthy. With determination a person can do anything."

- Tina, Allen Park, Michigan, 42
"Over the past 12 weeks I was committed to making a lifestyle change. I was ready to make a
body and diet transformation. On March 7th, the beginning of this transformation I weighed 148
pounds and had a waist measurement of 35. I felt heavy, out of shape, and had low energy. I
made an exercise and diet plan to help get my body ready for summer.

My exercise plan prior to this contest was running or going to the gym. I never really pushed
myself too hard or too far. I also thought that if I didn’t have an hour to workout there was no
point in doing it at all. But, I was ready to change that.

So my new fitness plan was to take the Lean Body Fat Loss class twice a week and add two
other workouts throughout the week. I wanted to try for 4 hours of exercise a week. Of course,
this plan was difficult for me at first. Especially the Lean Body Fat Loss class! I couldn’t do a
pushup at the beginning. I was always doing the beginner options.

But as the weeks went by it got easier and I was able to push myself further. I am amazed how
much stronger and tighter I feel. I look forward to going to class now. I look forward to seeing
what I am able to do week after week. And I never leave without being covered in sweat and
feeling like I worked hard.

My diet plan was a bit harder for me. I started off counting calories. Of course this plan works
but I felt like it was working slowly and I wasn’t losing weight in the areas I really wanted. I really
wanted to lose belly fat.

So, I decided to give a low-carb diet a try. I always avoided low-carb because I love my carbs! I
thought it would be too hard. Of course the few first days were hard, but I really didn’t find it to
be too difficult. In fact, once I was really into this diet I felt better. I never felt heavy or bloated
after I ate like I did when I would eat a carb heavy meal. I found that I had much more energy
and felt great. Then of course there is the fact that a low-carb diet helps belly fat come off much

These past 12 weeks have really helped me kick off a lifestyle change. I really feel that this is
something I am going to stick with. This is only the beginning."

- Abby, Allen Park, Michigan, 26
First Place Spring 2011 Transformation Contest Winner
Lost 13 pounds and 4 inches around her waist in 90 Days
Second Place Spring 2011 Transformation Contest Winner
Lost 10.5 pounds and 5.5 inches around her waist in 90 Days
Third Place Spring 2011 Transformation Contest Winner
Lost 8.5 pounds and 4.5 inches around her waist in 90 Days